Nova Swanstrom (MA, LPA)

novaOften people ask me why I chose to become a psychologist, and specifically, to provide therapy. It’s a common enough question- but it seems that the answer is not so simple. I never really worried about what I would end up doing when it became time to make a career decision; I just had a sense that it would become clear as long as I worked hard and achieved the goals I set for myself- and maintained my sense of morals and ethics.

After graduating from my graduate program it was firm in my mind that I wanted to help people help themselves. My entire life I have held a curiosity as to why we humans do what we do… why we respond to events in our own individual ways and why we experience the emotions that can threaten to either overwhelm or drive us. I wish to interact with those around me and assist with their self-actualization and thereby assist with my own- all growing as unique people. Therapy is not about telling people what to do- most of us already know but struggle with actually doing what we feel we need to. Therapy is about listening, validating, warmth, and empathy- putting one’s self in the other person’s position and appreciating the fact that we are doing the best we can. My job is just to help people along a little.

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Nova Swanstrom MA, LPA
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