Your first visit will be with a therapist, and is called an intake appointment. The therapist will gather history information and information about the problems you have been recently experiencing. At that time, your mental health needs will be identified and a treatment plan will be started. If it is appropriate for you to see a psychiatrist, a referral can be made. Delta provides an on-call therapist to consult with clients in emergency situations.

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You will need to arrive 30 minutes early for your first appointment.  There is some paperwork to be completed and insurance to be verified before seeing a practitioner. You can print out the paperwork and complete it prior to the appointment (Intake Paperwork). However, we may still need for you to arrive 30 minutes early. If you have private insurance, some providers will not begin the intake appointment until you are informed of what the insurance company quotes us. In accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule   we cannot disclose any information about our clients without a release of information  filled out, initialed, and signed by the client . It is important to fill a release of information out for each person the client wishes Delta Behavioral Health to be able to speak with, this includes relatives who may be helping the client financially and other providers outside of Delta Behavioral Health that also provide services to the client. Keep in mind: Delta staff can neither confirm nor deny that a client receives services at Delta Behavior Health without a release filled out for the inquiring individual.

If you are planning to attend your appointment via telehealth, please Complete the telehealth consent forms .

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